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They're the same color. White is almost always the preferred background color for subduction, despite the occasional beige and gray. Chestnut, oat and brown are mixed in one RV, while gray, silver and black are mixed in the other RV. If you're lucky, you might see a blue dive or two, but in most cases, RV's dive stays in the neutral part of the paint catalog, constantly switching from tavern beige to practical gray. Plus a little classic lavender. 

On the one hand, the RV dive can distinguish campers from other large vehicles on the road.From a distance, buses and trucks are similar in shape; all of these are long boxes that can extend 20, 30 or even 40 feet. The dive breaks the camper's blank appearance, drawing attention to the best parts and troughs of the dive, rather than the monotonous rectangular outline? 

Garrett Finney (Garrett Finney), founder and chief executive of Taxa Outdoors, says this could be the origin of the ubiquitous dive movement. "my best guess is that those subduction were invented by someone (in the 1980s? "in order to break the appearance of a typical white box, a huge, bulky white object," he said. " "maybe [the dive is] too big a bird to fly in-just like a sticker on a big window." 

I also want to know if diving means some kind of well-designed pleasure that separates recreational campers from commercial cars.Driving a camper, swooping down and screaming to the world, "look at me, we're on vacation!" Should everyone look back and think, "Wow, those campers are having a good time?" 

Or the look of the car comes from the aesthetics of the high-end (RVs), a giant RV big enough to put a sports car in a mobile garage. Diving still dominates the field, but higher prices sometimes give you more colors and more complex applications. 

Under Virio's instructions, Russian Transport Minister Sergei Koslo and Russian Deputy Minister of Transport Yevgeny Dietrich held a working meeting in Moscow. The Federal Department will prepare for a comprehensive transport infrastructure development plan for Ulan Ude from 2017 to 2025, according to the Republican News Department. 

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the Ministry of Magic is developing a plan to hold non-capital-intensive activities aimed at eliminating the concentration of traffic accidents in the first phase. "the restoration work will be carried out by the federal budget, Republic roads and regional funds," the Ministry of Storm explained. 
As a result of the implementation of the integrated road plan by the end of 2018, it is expected that by 50 per cent traffic will return to normal and traffic concentration will be reduced by 50 per cent. By 2025, roads must be normalized by 85 per cent, and traffic concentration points must be reduced by 85 per cent by 2025. 

The truth about outdoor sports is that it is inherently uncomfortable. Bug bites, sun burns, the air gets cold, and almost every task requires extra effort. Some people revel in this discomfort, others hate it; most agree that camping is not for everyone. While some aspects of risk-taking are uncontrollable, one of the pillars of successful travel can be improved. 

Imagine a family camping trip when you were a child, or once your friend dragged you with his family. There could be a gas-burning stove, a folded picnic table and ubiquitous ground tents-how odd. Today, the table is more durable and the stove is more compact, but the biggest difference is the way we spend the night. 

Tent technology has made a great leap forward in recent years. Backpackers can hold six ounces of food. Living in their pockets, car campers can build a four-walled fortress in 30 seconds. Admittedly, ultra-light or ultra-luxury tents are not particularly cheap, but there are still ways to find a great deal. Roofnest is a newer player in the rooftop tent (RTT) arena, which is one of the most attractive parts of the arena for land enthusiasts and small families. As a manufacturer of hard-shell tents, the roofing network has greatly reduced the prices of competitors while promoting the same function. 

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Advantages: the Roof Hawk is not particularly revolutionary, but there are definitely some bright spots. The fiber reinforced ABS body is lightweight, aerodynamic, easy to install and can accommodate two full-size adult comfort.Four zippered windows-one on each wall-allow good crosswind and side exits to allow ladders to be placed on either side of the vehicle. The quilted fabric lining keeps the inside of the tent very warm and looks very fashionable. The telescopic ladder is one of the coolest I've ever tried, with a broad, rugged framework and extremely simple features. The storage space inside the tent is ingenious, with two removable pocket bags, a pair of hangers and a net hanging in the middle of the tent. However, the eagle's most striking selling point is its price (more on the breakdown of alternatives). 

Recommended: a hard-shell RTTs makes sense for those who don't mind giving up roof baggage racks in exchange for the simplest way to sleep. Compared with ground tents, the benefits of sleeping on the ground are obvious: sleeping on the ground protects animals, and the days of groping on tent poles and stakes are over. You can store pillows, blankets and other pajamas semi-permanently in your RTT. Soft shell tents also have some additional features, including faster installation and disassembly, improved air efficiency and cleaner appearance. Roofnest offers tents in several shapes and sizes, but if you like your space, or if you need a room for a third guest (whether it's a puppy or a child), you'll want a flagship version of Eagle. 

Over the years, we have seen many changes in car camping boxes from all over Europe. From 3D jigsaw Transformers in Switzerland to multi-piece caravans in France, from Oktoberfest pickup trucks in Germany to mini campers in the UK. Who can forget this hitchhiking toilet? Now we have another design from Germany, the unofficial leader of this space. ElloBox is one of the thinnest camping box systems we have ever seen, but it still has its own solar power supply system, pressurized water supply system, electric refrigeration system and gas cooking system.

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