New products of Environmental protection covers – GAOSHAN TENT


The chemical industry can greatly promote the economic development of the region. Many chemical plants do not have special warehouses for storage. They only cover a layer of cloth on the materials,which will be wet when it rains or snow. This circumstance can make a certain economic loss.


environmental protection


The devastating and heavy pressure of the snowstorm often breaks  ordinary tent and tarpaulin.

In response to this challenge, Gaoshan‘s engeneer reinforced the  structure to withstand 12 grade Hurricane and one meter of snow. The new products are successfully used throughout the season.


Warehouse tent


In addition, the tightness of the tent is also very good, the closed tent can better isolate the smell and dust from outside, and easily meet the environmental requirements.


Marquee tent


Gaoshan environmental protection tents have won the trust and support of many customers with its large span, low price,short setting up time and high quality. It is widely used in coal, chemical, warehousing and other fields. We sincerely look forward to cooperating with you!

 environmental protection

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